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Drainage Options for Driveways

Installing driveway drains alleviates standing water that causes siding to rot and damage to foundations.

Trench drains, also known as channel drains, are perfect for diverting stormwater away from your garage and home. Stormwater can be redirected to a lower point or existing drainage systems.

Consider where the water will be directed to, how much water you could potentially deal with and what type of traffic will be crossing the grates. When you have a plan in place that includes the outlet, contact our experts to help you determine which driveway drain will work best for your project.


  • Life Expectancy
    Be sure to consider durable drains. Driveways may not see much heavy traffic but occasional delivery trucks or other large equipment can damage drainage systems.
  • Affordability
    There is a wide variety of options for channels and grates. Our experts can provide guidance to help with your project and keep you on budget.
  • Water Capacity
    Driveway drains are available in various sizes and flow capacities. Keep this in mind how much stormwater you’ll need to redirect when determining which drainage system you need.

Product Recommendations

Iron Age IA-INTER-CB09 Class B Interlaken Cast Iron 9″ x 9″ Grate – RAW

SKU: IA-Inter-CB09
Load Class B
System: NDS 900
Finish: Raw
Grate Material: Ductile/Cast Iron
Grate Pattern: Interlaken
Grate Height: 1 1/8 inch
Grate Width: 9 inch
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NDS Spee-D® Channel w/ 251 Slotted HDPE 4″x24″ Brick Red Grate

SKU: SDK-251
Load Class B
System: Spee-D
Grate Material: Plastic/HDPE
Grate Pattern: Slotted
Grate Height: 3/4 inch
Grate Width: 4 inch
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NDS Dura Slope Kit w/Iron Age Interlaken Grate – RAW

Load Class B
System: Dura Slope
Finish: Raw
Channel Material: Plastic
Grate Material: Ductile/Cast Iron
Grate Pattern: Interlaken
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