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The wine making process has several steps, all which require some form of trench drain system. These stages include grape pressing, fermentation, barreling and then bottling.

In patio and serving areas, there are a wide variety of grate options in order to enhance an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Most wineries don’t use a large amount of water to clean the equipment and floors in comparison to breweries. Standard trench drain practices for fork truck and pallet jack use include a frame and some sort of cast iron grate. If not required, many options are available for pedestrian or even automobile traffic load.

Trench Drain Systesm offers an extensive line of trench drain channels, grates and catch basins including decorative options.

  • Exclusive product lines manufactured by TDS
  • Flow rate range of 30 – 6,700 Gallons
  • Material options for grates and channels to withstand corrosive chemicals, extreme heat and bacteria
  • Pre-sloped and neutral channels for ease of install
  • Drain experts to provide quotes customized to the job specs
  • Grates offered as ADA complaint, heel friendly and all load ratings


Grapes of Wrath

Wine has a tendency to be a bit acidic which can eat away at some materials. Ensure that your grates and trench drain system are able to handle harsh chemicals.

Roll Out the Barrels

Consider what will be going across the drain so that you can select appropriate grates. Make sure they are durable enough to accommodate forklifts and pallet jacks moving heavy barrels and other loads.

Location, Location, Location

Consider where trench drains will be located in order to gain easy access for cleaning. It’s also important to have trench drain systems in storage areas for risk management of potential spills.

Proven Solutions

Dura Slope – HDPE

3000 Series – Fiberglass

ULMA U100K – Polymer Concrete

700 Series – Polymer Concrete

NDS 900- Polypropylene

TDS 4″ Point Drain

Recommendations / Comparison Chart

Ulma U100KDura Slope700 Series
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – C
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – D
Traffic Rating:
Load Class D – F
Polymer Concrete with Galvanized Edging
Material: HDPEMaterial: Polymer Concrete
Length: 39.37″Length: 48″Length: 48″, 24″
ID: 3.94″ OD: 5.11″ ID: 4″ OD: 6″ID: 4″ OD: 6.25″
GPM: 154GPM: 396GPM: 470
Slope: 0.5%Slope: 0.7%Slope: 0.65%
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3000 SeriesMini Channel
Traffic Rating:
Load Class B – F
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – B
Material: FiberglassMaterial: PVC
Length: 96″Length: 72″, 36″
ID: 8.63″ OD: 8.88″ID: 2.75″ OD: 3.5″
GPM: 3,000GPM: 28.14
Slope: 0.5%, 0.75%, 1%, 1.25%Slope: No
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NDS 900NDS 1200TDS 4" Point Drain
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – D
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – D
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A
Dimensions: 9″ X 9″Dimensions: 12″ X 12″Dimensions: 4″ dia.
Outlet Size: 3″, 4″, 6″Outlet Size: 3″, 4″, 6″
GPM: 114GPM: 155
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