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Whether building a new brewery or expanding your business, there’s a lot to think about beyond hops, malts and brewing herbs. Well planned drainage can mean the difference between a smooth-running operation and tripping over hoses. It’s also important to have trench drain systems in storage areas for risk management of potential catastrophic spills.

Water usage depends on the size of brewery and generally is two to five times the amount of beer produced. At minimum, install a 4” trench drain system for your brew-house floor. The trench drain should be pre-sloped for quicker drainage and offer a catch basin to catch solids before the effluent reaches the plumbing.

Some larger breweries see drainage of 200-300 gallons of liquid per day which reinforces the need to have a solid plan on where drainage will be diverted to. Our grates come in various load ratings, flow rates with options for foot or forklift traffic, and we carry pre-sloped and neutral channel options.

Trench Drain Systems is the leading supplier of drainage systems for distilleries, breweries and micro-breweries throughout the United States. Having worked with over 100 breweries, our experts are ready to help. Trench Drain Systems has an extensive line of trench drain channels, grates and catch basins, and can help you find cost-effective options for your new and expanding brewery.

Where are trench drains found in breweries?

  • Between fermenters
  • Inside the walk-in cooler
  • Bottling/packaging area
  • Storage facilities

” Don’t be the brewery who needs to stop production because an engineer or contractor wanted to save you a few dollars up front with a PVC drain from a big box store. “


  • Planning
    Planning for brewery drainage is important even when you don’t have a floor layout yet. Our experts can provide you with guidance to plan for an effective system even when you are still in the early stages of your project.
  • Durability
    Sanitizing brewing systems involves high temperatures and harsh chemicals making it important to install a trench drain system that holds up to the extreme conditions.
  • Grate Weight Class
    Consider what will be going across the drain so that you can select appropriate grates. Make sure they are durable enough to accommodate pallet jacks moving heavy barrels and other loads.
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Brewery Drainage Chart

Check out drainage channels with our Polymer Concrete Brewery Drainage Chart.

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TDS DG0655H-SPA Class B ADA Compliant Wedge Wire Stainless Steel 6″ x 24″ Grate

Load Class B
Grate Pattern: Slotted, Wedge Wire
Grate Width: 6 inch
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POLYCAST 600 Series Kit w/ DG0623 Square Deco Galvanized Steel Grate and Edging | Load Class A

Load Class A
System: POLYCAST 600
Channel Material: Polymer Concrete
Grate Material: Galvanized Steel
Grate Pattern: Perforated, Square Deco
Frame Edging: Galvanized Edging, No Frame
Grate Width: 6 inch
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TP0650S (Shallow) Catch Basin Kit w/ DG0621RH & Galvanized Edge for POLYCAST®

Load Class C
System: POLYCAST 600
Channel Material: Polymer Concrete
Grate Material: Galvanized Steel
Grate Pattern: Slotted, Transverse
Frame Edging: Galvanized Edging, No Frame
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