Drainage Solutions

Animal facilities have trench drain systems installed within enclosures to control the flow of wast as well as water runoff when the areas are being sanitized.

Choose a kennel trench drain system with either slotted or perforated grates that prevent animal paws, claws and hooves from getting stuck. Smaller grate openings have the added benefit of catching animal waste before it enters the drain, making cleanup easier. Pre-sloped and neutral channel options are available depending on the length of the run and the drain budget.

HDPE channel bodies and trench grates are lightweight and do not hold odor. Plastic catch basins and sediment baskets catch animal waste and other debris before it clogs outlet pipes.

3 Considerations

Hooves, Paws & Claws

Make sure that your drainage system has the right grates that are foot friendly to avoid injury to kennel inhabitants. Contact our drainage experts who can help you plan your project.

Size Matters

The number of animals and their weight make a difference with drainage systems. There will be more waste and debris as well as more sanitizing runoff. Grates will need to be strong enough to accommodate larger animals.


Use non-permeable materials that will not absorb and hold odors. Also, consider grates that can easily pass fecal matter in areas where there is no direct animal traffic.

Proven Solutions

Dura Slope – HDPE

Polylok – Polypropylene

ULMA U100KX – Polymer Concrete

600 Series – Polymer Concrete 

Fiberglass Grating

Recommendations / Comparisons

ID: 3.94″ OD: 5.11″

GPM: 154

Catch Basin Available

Length: 39.37″

Slope: 0.5%

Material: Polymer Concrete

Load Rating: A – C

ID: 4″ OD: 6″

GPM: 396

Catch Basin Available

Length: 48″

Slope: 0.7%

Material: HDPE

Load Rating: A – D

ID: 4″ OD: 6.25″

GPM: 470

Catch Basin Available

Length: 48″, 24″

Slope: 0.65%

Material: Polymer Concrete

Load Rating: D – F

ID: 4″ OD: 5.5″

GPM: 400

Length: 48″

Material: Polypropylene

Load Rating: A – C

Width: Custom

Length: 36″

Load Rating: A – E


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