Drainage Solutions

Trench or channel drains can be beneficial both inside and outside of greenhouses. Although they have a more humid environment, too much water in a greenhouse can cause pooling water and increase the potential for botanical diseases. Within the structure, sloped trench drains help to keep the floors safer while allowing excess water to properly drain.

Outside of the greenhouse, rain and surface water must be effectively controlled to reduce the potential for flooding and erosion.

Trench Drain Systems offers as largest inventory of trench drains well as exclusive product lines manufactured by TDS including decorative grates.

  • Pre-sloped and neutral channels options 
  • ADA compliant and heel friendly grates for pedestrian traffic in cannabis farms and greenhouses 
  • Channels that handle capacities of 30 – 6,700 Gallons Per Minute 
  • Free consultations, fast quotes and competitive pricing 

3 Considerations

Going with the Flow.

Be aware of the natural flow of storm water runoff. Try to work with the landscape while ensuring that it is effectively diverted to avoid structural damage. Feel free to call us for some expert advice.

The Bigger They Are

With large surface areas such as greenhouse roofs, driveways and parking lots, keep in mind how much rain will need to be diverted. Rainfall that would have soaked into the soil will need to be routed away from your structure.

Inside Drainage

Installing trench drains is an effective way to control water runoff and keep the floors safer for your staff, customers and yourself. There are several alternative solutions based upon the size of your greenhouse.

Proven Solutions

Polycast 500 – Polymer Concrete

NDS Dura Slope – HDPE

ULMA U100K – Polymer Concrete

NDS Spee-D Channel – PVC

Pro Plus 100 – HDPE

Polydrain – Polymer Concrete

Recommendations / Comparisons

ID: 3.94″ OD: 5.11″

GPM: 154

Catch Basin Available

Length: 39.37″

Slope: 0.5%

Material: Polymer Concrete with Galvanized Edging

Load Rating: A – C

ID: 4″ OD: 6.25″

Length:  48″, 24″

Slope: Low Profile

Material: Polymer Concrete

Load Rating: A – C

ID: 4.12″ OD: 4.75″

GPM: 51.27

Catch Basin Available

Length: 120″, 48″, 24″

Slope: No Slope

Material: PVC

Load Rating: A – B

ID: 4″ OD: 6″

GPM: 396

Catch Basin Available

Length: 48″

Slope: 0.7%

Material: HDPE

Load Rating: A – D

ID: 4″ OD: 6.75″

GPM: 263

Length:  1m, 1/2m

Slope: 0.5%

Material: HDPE

Load Rating: A – F

ID: 4″ OD: 6.1″

GPM: 380

Length: 1m, 1/2m

Slope: 0.6%

Material: Polymer Concrete

Load Rating: A – F


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