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Drainage Systems for Agricultural / Animal

Outbuildings and animal facilities require sturdy trench drains that can handle the weight of heavy farming equipment, as well as animals large and small. Trench drains have become a standard for these types of buildings since dirt and other debris can accumulate quickly. The goal is to control the flow of waste water due to frequent hosing and cleaning of the floor.

Be aware that load ratings for trench drains are based on moving traffic. If designing an area such as a wash bay, ensure that the grating is substantial to handle the weight of large animals that are stationary. The grate needs to be able to sustain the weight of the animal when standing directly over the drain. Ductile or cast iron grating will withstand the heavy loads of tractors and hoofed animals. There are grating options that are safe for smaller animals too. For the most rugged trench drain applications, consider using cast iron frames to help increase the load capability of your drain.

Trench Drain Systems offers an extensive line of trench drain channels, grates and catch basins with grates in various load ratings, flow rates with livestock-friendly options and channels that can handle capacities of 30 – 6,700 Gallons Per Minute.


  • Flat or Sloped
    What is the natural slope of the ground? If it’s flat, are there low-lying areas? Knowing where stormwater naturally flows is half the battle when planning out your drainage system
  • Point Weight
    Keep in mind that load ratings are based upon moving traffic. Stationary weights from larger animals require stronger grating options.
  • Inside and Out
    The type of drainage you need can vary based on whether you are looking at an out building for vehicles or diverting water nearby to ensure it doesn’t damage your structure. Contact our experts to help you determine the type of system you need.
  • Barn Usage
    The type of trench drain system you need will depend on whether you’re housing animals and vehicles in your buildings. Some of the main factors to consider are weight loads, amount of runoff and if there will be any debris such as silt and animal waste.

Product Recommendations

POLYCAST 600 Series Kit w/ DG0622 Foam Perforated Galvanized Steel Grate | Load Class A

SKU: PCK6-DG0622
Load Class A
System: POLYCAST 600
Channel Material: Polymer Concrete
Grate Material: Galvanized Steel
Grate Pattern: Foam, Perforated
Frame Edging: No Edge Protection, No Frame
Grate Width: 6 inch
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FG-HLC-1248 Mesh Fiberglass 12″X48″ Grate Load Class C

SKU: FG-HLC-1248
Load Class C
Grate Material: Fiberglass
Grate Pattern: Mesh, Slotted
Grate Height: 1 1/2 inch
Grate Width: 12 inch
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NDS Spee-D® Channel w/ BA-SLOT-0448-S Stainless Steel 4″x48″ Transverse Slotted Grate

Load Class B
System: Spee-D
Grate Material: Stainless Steel
Grate Pattern: Slotted, Transverse
Grate Height: 3/4 inch
Grate Width: 4 inch
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