Stadium Drainage

Track & Field Drainage

Nobody likes weather delays, especially when it comes to sports. Standing water or slick tracks and fields can hazardous to athletes, even when conditions are considered satisfactory to play. Properly drained surfaces drastically reduce the chance of injury caused by wet conditions or standing water. Many tennis courts, pools, golf courses and athletic fields all are designed with trench drain systems that quickly remove rain water both on and off the field.

Standing water can cause damage to track surfaces while improper drainage can cause erosion near fields. There’s also a need for point drains in showers and locker rooms as well as rain water diversion for parking lots and walkways.

Pre-sloped and non-sloped systems are commonly used in these applications. Standard pedestrian and light vehicular traffic slotted grating is often used in sporting venues. Galvanized steel and HDPE grating are a common grating material choice, but heavier duty cast iron or reinforced steel grating can be specified in areas where a higher volume of wheeled traffic will occur.


On Track

Perimeter trench drain systems redirect surface water away from the sporting field/track to prevent standing water and erosion. Contact our experts who can help you select the right drainage system for your next project.

The View

Bleachers create a large surface area that displaces storm water runoff. High flow rates can be expected in areas near the stands since they potentially tie into walkways, downspouts and parking lots.

Walk, Run or Roll

Determine what traffic will be crossing the trench drain system. Ensure that the grates are appropriate for ADA compliance for pedestrian traffic while other areas require the durability to handle heavy vehicles.

Proven Solutions

Dura Slope – HDPE

PolyDrain – Polymer Concrete

Z886 – HDPE

ULMA U100KX – Polymer Concrete

Recommendations / Comparison Chart

Ulma U100KXDura SlopeZ884Polydrain
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – C
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – D
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – F
Load Rating: A – F
Polymer Concrete with Stainless Steel Edge
Material: HDPEMaterial: HDPEMaterial: Polymer Concrete
Length: 39.37″Length: 48″Length: 80″Length: 1m, 1/2m
ID: 3.94″ OD: 5.11″ ID: 4″ OD: 6″ID: 4″ OD: 6.25″ID: 4″ OD: 6.1″
GPM: 154GPM: 396GPM: 530GPM: 380
Slope: 0.5%Slope: 0.7%Slope: 0.75%Slope: 0.6%
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