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Hotel Drainage Systems

Drainage systems in hotels and resorts must meet high standards to keep the guests happy and the building compliant with any local, state and national industry requirements.

There are many opportunities for drainage at resorts that include point drains in showers, linear drains near pools and spas, drains in kitchen areas as well as trench drains near parking lots and walkways.

Other things to consider would be the environment and weather that is typical for the area. Resorts near beaches deal with sand that can hinder drainage throughout the building while regions with clay based soil will have a higher potential for flooding since storm runoff cannot naturally soak into the soil.

3 Considerations

Finishing Touch

Vacationers are impressed when rooms enhance their overall experience. Regardless of whether bathrooms have linear or point drains, consider decorative grates to add to the overall design.

Swim Time

There are a variety of choices for designing drainage for pools. Slot drains and trench drain systems are perfect for this application. Topping the channels off with decorative grates can add to the ambiance of the environment.

Lot of Grates

Parking lots and other surface areas need to be topped off with grates that can handle vehicle loads and still be considerate of pedestrians. There are ADA compliant and heel proof grate variations available.

Proven Solutions

Mini Channel - HPDE

Mini Channel – HDPE

Dura Slope - HDPE

Dura Slope – HDPE

Dura Slope - HDPE

ULMA U100KX – Polymer Concrete

65 Series - PVC

65 Series – PVC 

PolyDrain - Polymer Concrete

PolyDrain – Polymer Concrete

Recommendations / Comparisons

ID: 3.94″ OD: 5.11″

GPM: 154

Catch Basin Available

Length:  39.37″

Slope: 0.5%

Material: Polymer Concrete with Stainless Steel Edging

Load Rating: A – C

ID: 2.75″ OD: 3.5″

GPM: 28.14

Length:  72″, 36″

Slope: No

Material: HDPE

Load Rating: A – B

ID: 2.5″ OD: 2.88″

GPM: 16 per outlet

Length: 36″, 48″ 96″, 72″, 60″

Slope: No

Material: PVC

Load Rating: A – B

Dura Slope HDPE

ID: 4″ OD: 6″

GPM: 396

Catch Basin Available

Length: 48″

Slope: 0.7%

Material: HDPE

Load Rating: A – D

Polydrain Polymer Concrete

ID: 4″ OD: 6.1″

GPM: 380

Catch Basin Available

Length: 1m, 1/2m

Slope: 0.6%

Material: Polymer Concrete

Load Rating: A – F


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