Gas Station Drainage

Gas Station Drainage

Drains for Fueling Stations

There is a multitude of variables to consider when planning drainage systems for gas station facilities. Not only do you need to redirect stormwater away from the building, but you also have to be mindful of the chemical wastes that contaminate the runoff as it finds its way to the drainage system.

Weight loads for vehicles of all shapes and sizes will need to be considered for the traffic that visits the station for refueling.

Trench drain systems near the building can capture rainfall and prevent pooling and flooding water. In this instance, pedestrian traffic may require you to use ADA-compliant and heel-proof grates for walkways.

It will be necessary to clean the drain from time to time so getting to it will need to be planned as well.


  • It's a Gas
    With harsh vehicular chemicals being captured during drainage, using the proper material type for trench drain systems is imperative. Contact our experts to assist you with your project.
  • Retain and Detain
    At gas stations it is important to ensure that any chemical waste is properly captured and contained to meet federal, state and local requirements.
  • Lock and Load
    Locking devices ensure that trench drain grates stay in place. It keeps dirt, stones and other debris from getting between the grate and the trench. Grates can pivot and break when obstructions get between the grate and channel.

Product Recommendations

ULMA U100K Drainage Kit with Iron Age Locust Grate | Natural

System: U100K
Channel Material: Polymer Concrete
Grate Pattern: Locust
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Iron Age IA-INTER-0418-BF Class B Interlaken Cast Iron 4″ x 18″ Grate – BoOF

SKU: IA-Inter-0418-BF
Load Class B
System: Spee-D
Finish: BoOF
Grate Material: Ductile/Cast Iron
Grate Pattern: Interlaken
Grate Height: 3/4 inch
Grate Width: 4 inch
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POLYCAST 600 Series Kit w/ DG0640 Slotted Galvanized Grate and Edging | Load Class B

Load Class A
System: POLYCAST 600
Channel Material: Polymer Concrete
Grate Pattern: Slotted
Grate Width: 6 inch
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