Chemical Processing Drainage

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Chemical Processing Drainage

Trench drain systems vary widely in the field of chemical processing. There are many important factors to consider. First, investigate any specific state requirements related to the industry. Keep in mind that they are different from state to state.

Other considerations include:


  • High temperatures
  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Sanitary requirements
  • Diverting runoff, retention or both
  • Chemical reactions
  • Flammability

3 Considerations


You will need to ensure that any chemicals that are being diverted are compatible with each other as well as the material makeup of the trench drain channel to avoid contamination or combustion.


Will any of the chemicals be corrosive or high in temperature? Select a high-quality material for channels that is resistant to harsh conditions. Call our experts to guide you through your drainage project.


If you are working in a facility that requires sanitary drainage, there are several drainage systems to choose from. We can assist in finding the right trench that is cost effective and meets the requirements of your project.

Proven Solutions

FP1200 – Fiberglass

Z806 – Fiberglass

Fiberglass Grating

Polycast 800 – Vinyl Ester Concrete

Recommendations / Comparisons

FP1200Z806POLYCAST® 800Fiberglass Grating
Traffic Rating:
Load Class: C – F
Traffic Rating:
Load Class: A – F
Load Rating: B – ELoad Rating: A – E
Material: FiberglassMaterial: Fiber Reinforced PolymerMaterial: Vinyl Ester ConcreteMaterial: Fiberglass
Length: 96″, 48″Length: 120″Length: 48″Length: 36″
Width: Custom
ID: 11.86″ OD: 12.19″ID: 4″ OD: 6″ID: 8″ OD: 12″
GPM: 6700GPM: 510GPM: 470
Slope: 1%Slope: 0.75%Slope: No
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