U200 Polymer Concrete Linear Drains


Typical Applications

  • Highways
  • Airports
  • Ports & Shipyards
  • Refineries
  • Fire Stations
  • Military Bases
  • Rail Terminals

U200 Linear Drainage

The ULMA U200 linear drainage system is made with polymer concrete. It is an ideal drainage solution for load class ratings A through C including commercial, pedestrian, parking and sports applications. Channels are offered in 1-meter pre-sloped sections with neutral and half channels available.

Polymer concrete presents many superior properties to traditional materials including high compressive strength, low permeability and resistance to chemicals and corrosive agents. It provides a smooth channel surface that has a near-zero absorption rate which increases the flow rate. This is in comparison to concrete which has a 5-10% absorption rate. The ULMA U200 channels are resistant to 59 different chemicals. You can view the full list by clicking here.

ULMA drainage solutions tolerate seasonal freeze-thaw and can withstand temperatures at a maximum of 167°F/75°C.

Two locking bars and two screws are used per meter. Catch basins and various grate options are available to finish off your drainage system design.

Save time on the jobsite

If you are in need of an outlet for this system you can save time and money for the necessary tools by having Trench Drain Systems core drill your channels where appropriate in advance. Click here to learn more

U200 ULMA Polymer Concrete Channel

U200 Fact Sheet

Channel Width:     Outside-260 mm (10.23″)
                                 Inside-200 mm (7.87″)
Channel Heights:  Between 240 mm and 340 mm
Channel Load:       A to C

System Features

  • Simple, Leak Tight Design
  • Countless Grate Options
  • Low Permeability
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Chemical Resistance
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