TDS Sand Mini Channel

The Sand Mini Channel plastic drain is a non-sloped system built for light traffic applications such as pools, patios, and walkways.  With t-sections, 90° and 45° elbows, the Mini Channel has a wider degree of variability in its layout design.  The 2″ bottom and end outlet options that are offered with Mini Channel have adapters that fit the outlet to 3″ and 4″ S&D pipe.

The system boasts removable grates, in a wide variety of grating options, making it a very attractive system for patio, poolside, and landscape drainage. The slotted plastic grate offerings are available in six colors (white, gray, black, sand, brick red, green) and secure in place with stainless steel screws.  The narrow slot openings on the grating give the Mini Channel drainage system an ADA compliance rating.

Sand Mini Channel Aluminum Raindrop Grate Decorative silver and tan | TDS- Trench Drain Systems
Mini-channel-paver-install-drawing | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

TDS Sand Mini Channel Cheat Sheet

Channel Length:                           6 ft, 3 ft, 3 ft bottom outlet
Channel Width (OD):                    3-1/2″
Channel Width (ID):                      2-13/16″
Outlet Sizes (end and bottom):     2″ Sch. 40, 3” S&D, 4” S&D
Available Depth:                           3-1/8″
Max. Flow Rate:                           30 GPM, per foot

TDS Bronze and Aluminum Mini Channel Grates

Bronze & Aluminum Grates

Replace your original Mini Channel grates with the longevity of bronze or the classic touch of aluminum grates.  Available in Rain Drop or Slotted patterns, these grates make an artistic statement around your pool or patio.  Each grate is professionally cast in the USA to fit your NDS 3″ Mini Channel trench drain.

Aluminum grates are available in a natural cast finish. We also offer custom powder coating.

Bronze grates are available in a natural cast finish or the brushed satin finish.

ADA Compliant and heel friendly, all grates are available individually or with one of our Mini Channel kits in our online store.

Decorative Polyolefin Grates

Decorative plastic grates eliminate the channel’s plastic edge lines, enhancing patio and pool aesthetics. Sand Mini Channel decorative grates are UV protected to give the plastic system longevity in southern climates.

NDS Decorative Plastic Grating

IronAge Designs is a Washington-based foundry that designs and manufactures decorative cast iron grates to fit the Mini Channel system.  Currently, Iron Age offers six patterns available in cast iron for the Mini Channel:  Carbochon, Interlaken, Locust, Minione, Que and Acanthus.

Iron Age Mini Channel Grating