NDS Tufftrack Grass Pavers

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NDS Tufftrack Grass Pavers

NDS’s Tufftrack Grassroad paving system prevents ground compaction that damages roots and causes erosion.  Tufftrack’s extra slot openings allow grass roots to grow through soil easier and water to percolate through the base soil level evenly.  The material is made from up to 100 percent HIPP and is made in the USA, meeting LEED certification requirements.

NDS’s Tufftrack Grassroad Pavers feature unique slot openings at the base of its hexagonal walls and a tongue-and-groove locks that secure the paver panels together.  The tongue-and-groove system latches paver panels with the guarantee that the panels will not separate once connected.  The connection distributes pressure through panels and digs into the ground once installed, making the pavers more durable as the ground settles.  While traffic will not damage grass roots, regular traffic will sheer off blades.

NDS Tufftrack for Fire Lanes

Tufftrack Grassroad Pavers are manufactured in rigid 24″ square panels for maximum strength.  With a compressive strength of 98,770 psf (empty) and over 500,000 psf (filled), Tufftrack pavers stabilize the soil to support heavy vehicles like fire trucks while allowing turf to grow.  Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE, these turf pavers are a sustainable solution for fire lanes that might otherwise be covered with traditional asphalt or concrete.

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