NDS EZ Roll Gravel Paver

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NDS EZ Roll Gravel Paver

EZ Roll Gravel Pavers have a mesh fabric bonded to the bottom side of the system.  The system is installed with the open side facing up to be filled with gravel.  If installed with a proper base material thickness, NDS EZ Roll Gravel pavers withstand light to heavy traffic typical of bike trails and utility yards.

A continuous piece of geotextile fabric provides the strength to hold the gravel fill in place, yet is porous to allow for the filtration of stormwater runoff.

Our gravel pavers are available in tan, black, brick red, and gray to provide design flexibility when choosing gravel color and application.

To fill for the gravel paver, use clean, washed gravel that is uniform in size and sized between 3/16″ and 3/8″. Angular stones work best and will not migrate as round stones will.

Kristie PohlmanNDS EZ Roll Gravel Paver