NDS EZ Roll Grass Paver

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NDS EZ Roll Grass Paver

Set on a compact gravel base, EZ Roll Grass Pavers transfer vehicle weight to the subsoil, distributing pressure to accommodate light to moderate traffic.  Hexagonal cells prevent soil compaction and drain water effectively through porous sub-soil.  With over 80 percent open area on the bottom of the paver, grassroots are able to grow unrestricted.  Grass pavers, once dirt-filled to the top of the cells and covered with sod or seeded, have a natural grass appearance.  Grass pavers are also specified for non-traffic erosion control on slopes less than 10 percent.

Flexible plastic paver mats are pre-assembled into rolls for easy installation on the job site.

A sandy loam fill allows water to filter through the base while supporting healthy root growth.

Kristie PohlmanNDS EZ Roll Grass Paver