NDS 12" Pro Series

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NDS 12″ Pro Series

The 12″ Pro-Series is a neutral trench drain system that comes in 20″ modular PVC channels.  The widest drain in the NDS lineup, the 12″ Pro-Series is a high flow capacity system with two depth options (5.5″ and 10.5″) but little design flexibility.  Both depths offer 4″ S&D knockout end outlets.

Choose between two grates available with the 12″ Pro-Series.  The light traffic channel grate is made from high impact PVC capable of supporting light vehicle traffic.  The black cast iron slotted grate fitting the channel is rated for delivery truck traffic.  Both grates are secured in place via a grate security clip to prevent shifting.

NDS 12″ Pro Series Cheat Sheet

Channel Length:                   1/2m
Channel Width (OD):            12-1/4″
Channel Width (ID):              10-5/8″
Outlet Sizes:                         3″ S&D, 4″ S&D
Available Depth:                   5-1/2″, 10-1/2″
Max. Flow Rate:                   142.86 GPM, per foot

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