6" Decorative Drain Grates

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6″ Decorative Drain Grates

Iron Age’s 6″ decorative trench drain grates are designed to fit the NDS Dura Slope System.  The 6″ decorative Interlaken pattern (6″ x 24″”) features overlapping circular grids while the Locust pattern (6″ x 24″) emulates the feel of windswept leaves.

For medium duty applications including parking lots, pools, wash-down areas, warehouses, patios and tennis courts.

Made For:

Dura Slope by NDS

The 6″ Iron Age decorative trench drain grates are built for the NDS Dura Slope, a pre-sloped HDPE trench drain system.  Both decorative Interlaken and Locust patterns feature a lockdown hole to secure the grate to the channel for a flush fit and maximum durability.

Kristie Pohlman6″ Decorative Drain Grates